Santa Monica’s Address Boutique: selling dresses from the stars

Spotlights / May 8, 2013

The team at The Address Boutique. Photo by Westside People

The team at The Address Boutique left to right include Allison McKibbon, Atsuko Ota-Hodel, Maureen Clavin, Carmen Soare and dog Ziggy. Missing from this photo is Janet Stern Maureens and Kylee Machado. Photo by Westside People

Maureen Clavin’s been in the resale clothing business on the Westside for more than 50 years now. During that time she’s met some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Photos lining the walls at The Address Boutique in Santa Monica, the shop she’s owned for the past 27 years, prove it.

Shots of Sharon Stone, Natalie Cole, Candace Bergman and Meg Ryan hang over designer dresses they may have even worn. Most people are more concerned with the label, she says. In her office is where Maureen keeps the treasures like Madonna’s 1987 leather tour jacket and a photo of her with Bill Clinton.

The Address Boutique sells high-end women’s clothing, some of which was owned by celebrities and all of it with big discounts. Most of the dresses sold by stars go to benefit their favorite charities. Others are sold on consignment with up to $5,000 markdowns.

“It’s a lot of fun and it’s really a great way to shop,” says Maureen. “The girls have their own books so they call people when things might come in. We take very good care of our customers.”

Maureen says she wants to make people feel at home when they shop so the store provides fresh coffee and pastries, and there’s a real casual feel among the staff.

“That was my whole idea when I started,” she says. “I wanted people to feel like they’re coming into my living room where they can have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.”

The Address Boutique — 1116 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica —



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